The Potluck: February 2018

My goodness, y’all. February FLEW by, and we’re marching on into March, and I can’t believe it.

Last month was a good one. A quick one. And later this week, our baby turns THREE. Where has the time gone?!?

Before we jump into all the goodness March brings, though, let’s take a moment to talk about all the things I dug in February. Which includes a lot of random things, but hey, every month is a little different when it comes to a love list, no?

To recap, my potluck, as defined by the folks at Merriam-Webster is:

the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made… a communal meal to which people bring food to share —usually used attributively <a potluck supper>; whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time.

Ready for all the stuff I enjoyed? Let’s do this!

Pinterest collage of The Potluck: February 2018, including six images of skincare products, music, television, exercise and more.

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1. Kate Spade Cameron Street Lacey: For for last fifteen years, I’ve been carrying a giant cloth wallet, and it was on its last leg. For Christmas, Winston said he’d get my a wallet, and in February, I found my new one! I love the two-toned pink design and how it’s a little smaller than my last one, even though downsizing was a little bit of a challenge at first. I have no doubt that this “fancy” pink wallet is going to be a favorite for years to come! And bonus points: It’s really easy to find in my purse because it’s so bright!

2. Rotten: GUYS. I don’t know if you’ve watched this show about what’s happening behind the scenes in various facets of the food industry, but I started watching and could not stop. I haven’t truly binged a show since before our child was born almost three years ago… and I binged this one. As someone with a journalism background who loved investigative pieces, I’m drawn to shows and stories like this. And I truly believe that I was still working in journalism, I’d want to be working on pieces like this because while sometimes horrifying, they’re also fascinating.

3. Justin Timberlake’s “Say Something” single: Holy cow, y’all. I was introduced to this song in spin because I don’t listen to the radio (hello, Spotify addict here), and I just love the rhythm and the sound of this song. While I don’t know all the words yet, I have no doubt that’ll happen SOON.

4. Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Moisturizer: My skin is currently going through the wintertime blues, and earlier this month, I decided enough was enough. I headed on down to the mall and asked the friendly skincare ladies at Sephora for a helping hand and walked out with this moisturizer, which is the most luxurious moisturizer I’ve ever felt. I use it at night, and my skin feels so much happier already!

5. Spin Classes: I added spin classes to my routine in January, and I’ve loved attending weekly classes throughout the month of February. While I’m not someone who is good on a bike–hello, being left behind by our tour group on a bike tour of Napa–this workout is a ton of fun! (Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash)

6. Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Cleanser Daily Foaming Wash: Another find on my skincare search, this foaming wash makes my face feel so good. Gone is the dry skin I was plagued with before and in its place, happier, healthier skin. I only use this once daily, but it feels darn good.

What Did You Love In February?

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