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what we believe:

Entertaining doesn’t have to be hard.

Life is busy, and making the time to invite friends over can seem daunting and stressful.

BUT. Nothing is better than a homemade meal shared with the people you love.

Full stop.

And here at The Speckled Palate, we make a plan and actually DO that. 

What to Cook Now

Looking for the best Easter recipes to serve this spring? We’ve got ideas for you! Whether you want to serve a festive brunch, mix a fun drink (or two), share a sweet treat or host an Easter dinner for the whole family, some of our best Easter recipes include…

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How to Host

Want to learn how to host ANYTHING and any occasion? We’ve got some entertaining starter guides to help you out right here…

Howdy! I’m Erin!

Hosting friends in my home makes me exceedingly happy and helps me reconnect with those who matter most. I want to help you do this, too! 

Here on TSP, you’ll find tried and true recipes that are excellent for sharing.

No matter the occasion (or excuse), I want to help you reconnect with your people over good food!

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