The Potluck: August 2017

So. August.

I have mixed feelings, and those are based entirely upon the last week. Hurricane Harvey and its record-setting rainfall and floods have been on my mind, and my heart has been incredibly heavy as I’ve watched the news coverage.

I’ve grappled over sharing things that I liked this month because it seems so inconsequential while people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, their lives. But in the end, I decided that I’d continue with this month’s potluck. But it’s going to look a little different.

While I’ve included links of things that I enjoyed throughout August, I’ve got an entire section of how you can help with Harvey relief. Because while I hate that this storm happened, it makes me happy to see people lending hands to assist their neighbors, near and far.

To recap, my potluck, as defined by the folks at Merriam-Webster is:

the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made… a communal meal to which people bring food to share —usually used attributively <a potluck supper>; whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time.

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    Ready for August and ways you can help? Here we go.

    Collage of items for August 2017 Potluck

    This post contains affiliate links. If you were to make a purchase through one, I would receive a small commission. For more information about the affiliate programs The Speckled Palate participates in, please refer to my disclosure page.

    1. New fall photo boards: I followed this tutorial from Love is in My Tummy, and I am positively in love with these new boards. You’ll see a lot of ’em in the coming weeks, and they looks SO lovely and moody!

    2. Printed Henley Swing Dress: I ordered this dress on a whim earlier this month and was thrilled to be able to wear it one evening while in Arizona. The color is great, so is the pattern. And it’s all kinds of perfect for fall events.

    3. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker: We’ve had this speaker for a while, but it’s been a lifesaver this month since our child is currently obsessed with all the Disney music. So instead of pulling out my computer or trying to turn my phone all the way up as we play our favorite Disney playlist on Spotify, we can enjoy it via this speaker and sing to our hearts’ content.

    4. Game of Thrones: Y’all. Could we TALK about that finale and ALL THE THINGS? I don’t even know where to begin other than a list of about a bajillion questions, the first being, “When does the series come back?” followed by “OMG, was that ice or fire?” followed by “Do we really have to endure more of that awkwardness next season?” What did y’all think?

    5. Spending time with the folks at Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center’s (SARRC) and Beneficial Beans: When I was at SproutsFest last week (more on this in the weeks to come!), we spent the morning with the folks at SARRC and Beneficial Beans. I loved learning about these two organizations and how they help individuals with autism. SARRC has an early intervention jumpstart program, and the Beneficial Beans initiative helps create employment training opportunities for adults with autism. 100% of Beneficial Beans’s proceeds–a local CSA, two coffee stands and an online store–go toward adults with autism. Some of us worked in the Beneficial Beans Garden, planting seeds, while others bagged coffee.

    6. Travel: I had the opportunity to jet across the country to Phoenix for SproutsFest! I spent the weekend before hanging out with my pal, Madison, and the week of… well… it was busy in the best possible way! I learned so much, connected with so many bloggers and brands, and I’m really looking forward to sharing a recap of the trip with y’all soon because it was an incredible experience! Thanks to Sprouts for inviting me to experience this once-in-a-lifetime trip!

    8. Saucony Triumph ISO 3 running shoes: I’m stepping up my running game again because I’ve got a December half marathon on the calendar, and these shoes have already been a lifesaver. They feel like running on a cloud, and I want to wear them all the time because my feet feel so happy in them.

    What Did You Love In August?

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    One Comment

    1. Love you, Erin, for your giant heart right. Ow. Another option if you want to donate and ensure it goes directly to people affected, you can send donations to:
      American Legion Post 560
      3720 Alba Rd.
      Houston TX 77018
      We’re taking monetary and physical donations of toiletries, baby items, or anything else you would like to send and handing it out directly to people around Houston who have been affected by the flooding. Gift cards are ALWAYS welcome.

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