Sunday Snippets: The High School TV Edition

Happy Sunday, y’all!

I don’t know about you, but I dislike Springing Forward and all that it entails because it requires less sleep. And I need all the sleep I can get, especially today.

However, I’m up and trying to be productive. Today is going to be a continuation of the spring cleaning we started yesterday, and it feels good to be cleaning up around the house, tossing things we no longer need and spiffing up for the company we are expecting later this month. (Hopefully.)

Here are today’s snippets, inspired a lot by yesterday…

  1. Winston and I have doing a cleanse this week, and it has been super challenging. I have never wanted to eat chicken and/or beef more in my life as I do right now. And I cannot wait until Monday, when I get to eat a ton of beef because that’s what the cleanse calls for.
  2. I’ve also never been so tempted by various food commercials, even from places where I refuse to eat. I’m looking at you, Denny’s and Pizza Hut.
  3. I also woke up this morning craving Milanos. At 7 a.m. … Y’all, this is NOT OK. Ever.
  4. … I’m beginning to think my problem with so-called cleanses and diets means restricting what I eat. And, while this is comforting and OK for some people (i.e. my husband), it is NOT OK for me because, umm, I like to eat a lot, and I like to have options, and I don’t like any options being taken away from me because I will immediately crave what I’m not allowed to eat.
  5. It’s a fact, basically. And if we survive this cleanse, hopefully I’ll have a new perspective on life and food.A screencap for Roswell the TV show
  6. Not only did we cleanse all weekend, but I introduced Winston to my favorite show from high school.
  7. I think he’s still shocked/laughing at my adoration of Roswell and wondering why I still hold a soft spot in my heart for the series and the actors who were on it.
  8. Meaning the 16-year-old-who-survives-inside-of-27-year-old-me still sighs at the sight of Brendan Fehr (in a totally non-creepy way) and thinks he, as well as Majandra, Nick Wechsler and Colin Hanks, can do no wrong when it comes to film.
  9. I realize this sounds crazy, and that’s OK. I also realize that some of them (cough, cough, Brendan) have made some poor choices in haircuts in the past, like, on the show itself. … But to each his own, right?
  10. I also realize y’all are probably laughing because the show, itself, isn’t really that stellar, especially watching it now and its not awesome sci-fi effects.
  11. But seriously? That show made me feel like less of an outsider when I was in high school, and it came on after Dawson’s Creek, which I also adored.
  12. Because who didn’t love Dawson’s Creek when they were a teenager and dealing with the drama of high school? Anyone? Bueller? … I rest my case.
  13. Even though Dawson’s forehead is ginormous and he, in general, was a little exasperating.
  14. Recently, I have re-discovered Freaks and Geeks, which is becoming one of my favorite shows from the ’90s, because it’s hilariously awkward and pretty true.
  15. Though I would have died if any guy ever serenaded me with “Lady,” a la Nick Andopolis.
  16. Whenever I hear “Come Sail Away,” I think of the homecoming dance scene, which is one of my favorite moments from the show.
  17. I am beyond sad that Freaks and Geeks didn’t have a second season, but the ending to series was perfect. And no, I’m not ruining it for y’all. So go watch the show if you haven’t seen it.

Sunday Snippets

Ever wanted to know my thoughts about things? My weekend update, titled Sunday Snippets, is for you and rounds up my thoughts on the week, the events of it, shares random details on my life and more!

So, now I’m curious: What was your favorite TV show from high school? Why did you love it? And have you watched it recently?

Also, what are your Sunday Snippets?

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  1. ok, this post makes me so happy- you like freaks and geeks?! it’s my favorite show. hands down. glad you have been enjoying it lately!
    ps- can you tell i’m a little late on catching up with my google reader? 😉

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