Sunday Snippets: The (Belated) Mardi Gras Edition

Last weekend, Winston and I headed down to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras with friends. That’s why there was no Sunday Snippets feature last week.

Needless to say, we had a darn good time in the Crescent City. And needless to say, I was zonked out when we finally arrived back in Baton Rouge, so writing on Sunday evening was a no-go.

So this week’s feature will contain TWO WEEKS of snippets.

Prepare yourselves.

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    1. Making friends with a friend’s dog, who just so happens to be the cutest little dog I have ever met, is fun. Especially when you convince said dog to snuggle with you. And then said dog won’t get off the bed and barks at your husband because your husband wants to sleep, too. … Oops?
    2. I will always be endlessly amused by street art and graffiti, especially work that I find in New Orleans. Cats are people too.… Really?Collage of three different plates of food
    1. Sushi dinners are totally encouraged. And totally scrumptious.
    2. So are lunches at Cochon Butcher. You see, I have this rule about non-Memphis pulled pork sandwiches — being a Memphis girl, I find myself disappointed in many BBQ sandwiches I try because they don’t taste like the ones I was raised on. Recently, I’ve been breaking this rule. And the pulled pork sandwich at Butcher? Blew my socks off, with hints of spice and tang, as well as some sweetness. It was delicious.
    3. If I lived in New Orleans, I would purchase all kinds of meats from Cochon Butcher. And I would probably eat lunch there once a week, if not more. Because it was that good.
    4. The only thing better than a decadent and delicious meal out-to-eat is one cooked in your own kitchen. And the shrimp and grits we made this past week… mmm. We changed the recipe up a bit, adding andouille sausage instead of tasso, and added extra liquid and some cheese to the grits. When I tell y’all the dish was out of control tasty, as well as crazy easy to make, I mean it.
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    1. Mardi Gras is especially fun when you know two kinds of people: locals who know everyone and people riding in parades. Because the locals who know everyone will hook you up with sweet schwag (like that blow up goblet.) And because people who ride in parades will spot you from 50 yards away and begin tossing all kinds of goodies in your direction. And then rain beads, trinkets and other Mardi Gras specialties down upon you as they ride by. And then blow kisses when they’re almost moving on.
    2. Mardi Gras is especially fun when you attend parties hosted by friends and their parents.
    3. Mardi Gras is not fun when you have to walk three miles back from said party in your party shoes because you can’t catch a cab to save your life.
    4. My entire body hurt after that walk home, which necessitated a massage this week. No, really. After aching for a few days after Mardi Gras (and combining that with some Rouge Orleans persistent aches and pains), I cannot express how much better I felt after that hour.
    5. Making friends with the people who stand next to you during parades is encouraged. You might even score a sa-weet handmade headband like I did on Friday night.
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  1. You could also catch a crescent moon stuffed animal during one of the floats and gleefully declare, “This will be our dog’s newest toy!”
  2. And giggle as you take a photo with it. (Hence the crazy face in that photo. Sorry, world.)
  3. And then giggle some more when your dog freaks out over the new toy.
  4. Then name the new toy Morpheus because he has the Krewe’s name stitched onto his side.

Sunday Snippets

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    1. Thanks, Chanel! I had a good time on the redesign. And I definitely recommending checking Mardi Gras out! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it’s definitely something I recommend everyone try!

  1. I went to Couchon Butcher when I was in Nola last and it was ahmazing. I’m glad I don’t live there because I would be in that store all of the time.

    1. This makes me so happy. And you’re probably right — we’d have SO MUCH pork in our fridge if we lived in New Orleans… and then, we’d be forced to eat it all… Sigh…

  2. + My husband can whip up a great shrimp and grits dish – now I’m craving it!

    + a massage sounds so fantastic right now…i need to find a place and get one already!

    1. I’m interested to hear your husband’s recipe for shrimp and grits… I’m always looking to see how people make theirs differently!

      And I think you should treat yourself to a massage!

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