Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks!

Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // @speckledpalate

Well, we’re officially past my due date.

There is still no baby. (As of Sunday evening, when this post was scheduled.)

The countdown is on for this girl to arrive… by her own volition or by induction on March 8.

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    Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // The Speckled PalateHopefully my last weekly belly photos, taken this past weekend!

    How far along? 40 weeks, 2 days.

    How big is baby? According to What to Expect, Lady Baby is the size of a watermelon. Which is freakin’ huge.

    Total weight gain: ~38 lbs

    Updates? Nesting is officially underway. The nursery is completely finished. (Heck, we’ve even done work in other rooms, too!) All Lady Baby’s clothes are washed and ready to go, too.

    Symptoms? I look and feel pregnant. Need I say more?

    Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // @speckledpalate

    Last Sunday, I wrapped up pre-baby cooking and put a ton of meals in the freezer for when we’re too tired to cook for ourselves. The menu includes Sweet Potato Bisque, Chicken and Zucchini Enchiladas, Simple Red Sauce (with pasta!), Chicken Pot Pie and more!

    Missing… Feeling like myself. I’ve felt so lucky this entire pregnancy and am thrilled that it’s gone so well with my body… but I miss being able to sleep on my stomach and bending over without getting a stomachache, among other non-pregnancy things I never thought I’d miss.

    Feeling… All things considered, I’m feeling well. Sure, there are days where I feel better than others, but I can’t complain.

    Exercise? I don’t know if our walks would count as “exercise” at this point since it takes me so long to waddle around the block, but Lu, Lady Baby and I are still walking… slowly.

    Sleep? It’s hit or miss. Some nights, I sleep through without an issue. Other nights, I’m up 4-5 times and have trouble going back to sleep… so I’ve been doing more late night reading.

    Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // The Speckled Palate

    One of our gorgeous maternity photos by Jenny McCann. I’m seriously so in love with them, and I printed several for our home and Lady Baby’s nursery.

    Movement? Baby girl knows how to move… and she’s got more of a schedule these days. I can expect for her to break it down when I’m lying in bed at night, as well as early in the morning when I wake up. She also enjoys the post-lunch hour and moves a ton as she gets her fill of whatever I ate.

    Food cravings? Sweets. Strawberries. Salads that feature fruit and really good dressing. White grape juice.

    Aversions? Eggs. Spearmint. And that’s about it.

    Pregnancy Update: 40 Weeks // @speckledpalate

    The most swoon-worthy roses, sent to Lady Baby and me for Valentine’s Day. I can’t stop looking at them!

    Anxious about… When labor will happen. I’m trusting my body will know what it needs to do when it needs to be done… and hopefully, it will get to work sometime soon.

    Excited about… Meeting our girl, holding her in my arms and getting to spend all the quality time with her, as well as seeing her with our friends and families.

    What I’m loving… I’m trying to cherish these last days of pregnancy and taking it as easy as possible. Pampering myself.

    What I’m looking forward to… Is it bad if I say, “Getting this show on the road?” Because all this waiting around is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me!

    And that’s all I got for y’all today. Come back Wednesday to get started on the fabulous guest posts I’ve got lined up for this month!

    Interested in following along? Here are all of my pregnancy updates to date: 20 weeks | 25 Weeks | 29 Weeks | 32 Weeks | 36 Weeks | 40 Weeks

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    1. First, I can’t wait to hear about arrival of your baby girl! Plus, look at the amount of food you have cooked! Kudos! Erin. Stay blessed, I’m checking back again, soon, for good news!

    2. I love all the pregnancy meal prep you did! That is wonderful (and very smart). I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Lady Baby to make her entrance asap!

      1. Thanks, Erin! I figured since I had the time to do it and the energy, I’d feel better about having a freezer full of meals! Hopefully, she’s just fashionably late, haha, and will arrive soon-ish!

      1. Not gonna lie: I was SO happy I had the chance to make all those meals. I know we’ll enjoy them after the baby arrives… and I hope you’re right about the wait not being too much longer!

    3. Love all your meals you’re prepping! We really need to do that but um our freezer is already packed?! I guess we’ll do a big purge! You are way on top of things girl! Oh and eggs… the grossest!!

      1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! Our freezer was already packed, and I ended up cleaning it out and using a lot of the ingredients I had in there to create dishes. (Random thrown-together butternut squash lasagna since we had a TON of frozen butternut squash and spinach? Yup.) Y’all have more than enough time… so you’ll be fine! And thank you! Glad you agree on the eggs. They really are gross, huh?

        1. The irony is that Bradley class asks us to eat two a day. A DAY, Eric. A DAY. The only time that ever happens is if I’m jamming on some french toast or like, eating an especially large amount of mayo-rich foods. The model of health I am

          1. Girl, fried chicken has been one of my favorite meals during pregnancy. As has chicken salad. You gotta do what you gotta do… and sometimes, it’s not all healthy, no matter how much you want and try for it to be.

    4. Erin- you are seriously my hero…pre-made frozen meals? You are just fabulous! Can’t wait to hear about and see Lady Baby when she arrives ;)..Sending love from Chicago!

      1. Ha! Thanks, Erin! You’re too sweet. The pre-made frozen meals seemed like a good idea (don’t let anyone tell you nesting isn’t a thing because OMG, it’s ridiculous). We can’t wait for her arrival, either, and we will certainly let you and everyone know! Sending love right back from Dallas!

    5. Loved seeing pictures of you, ready to go with Lady Baby. It sounds like you’re living in the moment, taking one day at a time and pampering yourself (aside from that amazing spread of food you whipped up!). Wishing you all the best for a smooth delivery and transition! Looking forward to seeing your sweet baby girl!

      1. Thanks, Traci! Trying to enjoy every moment and pamper myself so that whenever she arrives, I’ll be well-rested and ready to take on this new role. I appreciate it — we’re looking forward to seeing her, too! Hopefully, not much longer.

      1. Thank you, Kathleen! Congratulations to you, too! Not much longer for you… and I really hope you get a chance to do the freezer meals. I thought I wouldn’t have time, but I’m still waiting, so more freezer meals are being made, haha.

    6. You are just cute as a little button, Erin! I will certainly be thinking about you and keep stocking that fridge with white grape juice! xoxo

      1. Well, thank you so much, Justine! I appreciate the thoughts, and I will absolutely keep my fridge stocked with that white grape juice. It’s just soooooo good. 😉

    7. You look GREAT! I can’t believe you are so far past her due date! I’m praying really hard that she comes TODAY! I can’t wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl! Good luck with everything!

      1. Thanks, Logan! It’s so surreal being this far past the due date and to be facing down our induction date. It looks like we’ll be meeting her on Monday or Tuesday unless she decides to make a move soon, and we cannot wait to meet her! Thank you for the prayers and well-wishes… it won’t be too much longer!

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