Sunday Snippets: The Cinco de Derby Edition

It’s Sunday, y’all, and I hope you have been enjoying your weekend as much as I have!

Honestly. This weekend (and week, in general) has rocked. And it makes me sad that the new week starts up tomorrow.

Collage of two images of rain drops on a window and dog laying head down

  1. One of my favorite aspects of the spring is the afternoon thunderstorms, especially if I’m in a position to truly enjoy them… which means take a nap.
  2. I was on the road when this week’s thunderstorms hit, and while the drive home was a little terrifying, due to flooded road conditions, I loved relaxing at home when I finally made it back, sheltering my sweet, scared puppy from the thunder.
  3. Lucy decided the safest spot for her during the storm was BENEATH MY FEET. I kid y’all not. And yes, it was super awkward for a few moments there.Collage of images showing close up of pizza and slice of cheesecake in container
  4. Winston and I made homemade barbecue chicken pizza one night this week. It was delightful.
  5. I love the random evenings when we debate over what to cook… then just make pizza. Because pizza is always a wonderful decision.
  6. I ate cheesecake for lunch on Friday. It was the creamiest cheesecake I have maybe ever eaten, and I was sad I only had one slice.
    Collage of two images showing bowls of guacamole and man and women smiling
  7. We made a TON of guacamole for our friend’s Cinco de Derby party. (We may or may not have purchased 10 avocados for the dip and used ALL of them.)
  8. We arrived at the party around 2:15. The guac was all gone by 4, and we got a ton of compliments on its deliciousness.
  9. In celebration of the Derby, I drank Mint Juleps. In celebration of the Derby and Cinco de Mayo, Winston and a few other brave souls drank Mint Julep Margaritas.
  10. While my Derby horse didn’t win, we had a fabulous time with our friends. (Obviously, that’s my excited face in the above photo.)

Sunday Snippets

Ever wanted to know my thoughts about things? My weekend update, titled Sunday Snippets, is for you and rounds up my thoughts on the week, the events of it, shares random details on my life and more!

What about y’all? What did you do yesterday for the Derby and Cinco de Mayo?

What are your Sunday snippets?

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  1. Mint Juleps…brave. I tried one at the Derby last year and blech. I stuck to the Lillies after that.

    That guac looks awesome!

    1. Haha. Surprisingly, I’ve really been enjoying bourbon and whiskey recently, for whatever reason. I had to take it easy, of course, but it was still fun. What are Lillies?

      And thank you! Winston does a damn good job with the guac! Our recipe is here.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS… does Lucy get cuter every single day?
    I love that pic of you and Winston by the way!

    1. Ha. OF COURSE she gets cuter by the day! And thanks so much, lovely! We’ve been taking SO many goofy photos recently, this one included, and they just make me so happy.

  3. Where’s your recipe to this delicious guacamole?!? I make the poor man’s version. Cut up avocados, add some salt, add a little salsa, mix and serve. People gobble it up like they’ll never eat it again! Ten avocados is a lot, though. We usually use two and it goes a long way!

    1. Here’s the recipe, Nilsa: Caramelized Onion Guacamole. It’s super simple, and we have always experienced the same thing as y’all when bringing it out. And we normally use two, as well, but we got word there were going to be A LOT of people at the party… Heh.

      How was your weekend?

  4. I think guacamole is my favorite thing to take to a party because nearly everyone loves it, I love it too and it’s relatively easy for me to make at home. I’m actually making it this weekend for my graduation party because it’s one of my most favorite things.

    And the look on Lucy’s face is just precious. She’s totally not convinced she’s hunkered down enough to be safe from the storm.

    1. I agree with you on the guacamole. It’s so wonderful to bring to parties, and it really is a crowd-pleaser. What do you put in your guacamole? And that’s awesome you are going to have it at your graduation party!

      Ha. She’s a skeptical dog, for sure, and she definitely doesn’t like those thunderstorms. It seems like she gets more skittish the older she gets…

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