Sunday Snippets: The Easter Edition

First and foremost, Happy (belated) Easter, y’all! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and spent time with those they love during the weekend.

My mother came to town on Friday, and we had the best time, eating, drinking, exploring and generally finding mischief of the best kind as we went. … We even took lots of goofy pictures to send to my sister, who is currently going to school in Colorado and was not able to join us for Easter weekend.

A group of people posing for a photoYes, we are winners, and we make the best faces for said goofy photos. Sorry, Mom and Winston, for sharing these. They make me happy.

  1. Easter Weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year, because for the past four years, my mother has come in town – wherever we lived – and done spring things. We generally plant my little porch/patio garden, bake copious amounts of awesome things and make our traditional (but not-so-traditional) Easter étouffée.
  2. Instead of making our traditional Easter feast, we drove an hour west to spend Easter afternoon with Winston’s family.
  3. It was beyond wonderful, and I was so happy we had the opportunity to spend the day with them.A woman and a dog posing for the camera
  4. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous recently, and we have enjoyed ourselves by taking sweet Lucy on extended walks.
  5. It’s been cool enough for us to walk for miles, chat about our days and watch as Lucy reacts to the various sights on the route.
  6. And once she reaches side-tongue status, we head back home.
  7. If you know what side-tongue status is, let’s be friends.
    Movie poster for The Bang Bang Club
  8. Re: Last week’s Sunday Snippets pertaining to Tim Riggins and his various roles on the show – The actor who plays him is a photojournalist in a movie, The Bang Bang Club. I about died when I turned it on and realized this. I also told Winston, “I just saw a movie where Tim Riggins’ actor was a photojournalist.”
  9. He was confused and thought I meant Taylor Kitsch was a PJ.
  10. He’s not. He was just playing one.

Sunday Snippets

Ever wanted to know my thoughts about things? My weekend update, titled Sunday Snippets, is for you and rounds up my thoughts on the week, the events of it, shares random details on my life and more!

What did y’all do this past weekend?

And, out of curiosity, have you seen or heard of The Bang Bang Club?

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  1. We can use the side-tongue test on our older dog because it is a great indication that she is tired. But our puppy has such a long tongue that I think that he gets lazy and lets it fall to the side all the time. So we have had to come up with other methods. 🙂

    Glad you had a great Easter!

    1. Too funny about your older dog and the puppy and their differences in side tongue. 🙂 Glad we aren’t the only ones to use that as a test of when to turn home.

      And thank you! I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter, too!

  2. You are the cutest. The goofy photos are adorbs! side-tongue test – all dog owners know that! 🙂

    1. Aww, Caryn. Thank you. 🙂

      And I’m glad that all dog owners know the side-tongue test. Here I was thinking we were some of the only ones…

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