42 Cookies for Santa (The Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange Round-Up!)

The holiday season is upon us. Celebrate by baking cookies for Santa, family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and more! This list of 42 cookies has a bit of something for everyone.

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I’m so thrilled to report that this year’s Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange was a smashing success! Our exchange boasted 42 new recipes from more than 30 international bloggers.

I meaaaaaaaan… as if any holiday celebration involving butter, flour, sugar and cheer could be anything else. 😉

Last week, more than 30 blogger friends and I baked some of our old and new favorite cookies of the season. And I think they all make fabulous cookies for Santa.

Today, Susannah and I are both sharing the links to the cookies shared so y’all can have plenty of baking inspiration this month!

We’ve got brownies and bar cookies. There are cutout and drop cookies. We’ve got hand formed cookies, too, and some bonus cookies!

Basically: You’re going to find a cookie on this list to bake. Whether you’re baking the cookies for Santa, your family, friends, neighbors, teachers or anyone else.

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Here we go…

42 Cookies for Santa (The Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange Round-Up!)

The holiday season is upon us! Celebrate with these 42 cookie recipes that are perfect for Santa Claus, family members, friends, neighbors, teachers and more! The Sweetest Season Cookie Exchange 2016, a yearly celebration of baked goods, was a success in its fifth year, boasting 42 new recipes from more than 30 international bloggers.

Brownies & Bar Cookies

If it's baked in a bar form (or a brownie), you'll find holiday cookie inspiration in this section!

Cutout/Shaped Cookies

Any cookie that requires a cookie cutter to form it, you'll find in the section below. Think: festive sugar cookies, snowflake cookies and everything in between!

Drop Cookies

These drop cookies are a little easier to make than the cutout cookies (and generally take less time!) Instead of forming them with a cookie cutter and chilling for a portion of time, you drop these cookies onto the baking sheet, and let 'em bake!

Hand-Formed Cookies

Any cookie that needs your hands to form them are listed below! Generally speaking, you'll roll these cookies with your hands to form them before you bake them.

Other Cookies

If it doesn't fit into one of the categories above, it'll be down here. Think: skillet cookies and pressed cookies.

Collage of Christmas cookies

Do you bake cookies for Santa in December?

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  1. Wow, so many amazing ideas! Is there time to try them all? This was such a fun collaboration. I’m loving this round up and all the delicious ideas.

    1. I bet between us, we could make ’em all. Or at least most of ’em. 😉 So happy you participated and brought those cookie pops, Jenna! So delicious!

  2. I’m in love with everyone’s cookies!! Thanks so much for including me, Erin! Happy Holidays 🙂

  3. I think Santa would be one happy man if he found one of each of these on his plate Christmas Eve night! 😉

  4. That’s such a terrific roundup! Leaving cookies out for Santa is something our kids always get super excited about 🙂

    1. Thank you! My sister and I always loved leaving cookies for Santa, and I look forward to sharing that tradition with our daughter this year or next. 🙂

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