What We Ate: Bartley’s B.B.Q. (Grapevine)

Yesterday, my friend, Patrick, had a layover at DFW, and since the layover was longer than an hour, he wanted to hang out and grab a bit to eat.

When I asked him what he wanted, he said, “Barbecue.”


Confession: I haven’t eaten much barbecue since we arrived in Texas. (I know, I know. Let’s all collectively gasp here, especially since everyone should know that as a Memphis girl, I kind of have a thing for good barbecue… even if I find beef barbecue a little different since pork is king in my hometown.)

I was unsure where to take my friend, especially since Dallas isn’t known as a barbecue city, not like some towns in East Texas or even Austin and its surrounding towns, and I didn’t want to suggest something that was disappointing.

After some Googling, I discovered Bartley’s B.B.Q., and I’m glad I did. Not only was it close to the airport, but it was delicious.

Info graphic of sign on a glass door

As soon as you walk inside, you’re hit with the scent of hickory smoke, which is both delightful and a little distracting. So distracting, in fact, that we entered the line from the wrong end and were immediately asked if we were newbies… and then, if the smoke sidetracked us.

Image of display counter foods at restaurant

I ordered the brisket sandwich and opted for the barbecue baked beans (which actually turned out to be red beans… so sad I chose the wrong bean pot, even though the beans were good on their own accord… just a little different than my usual barbecue sides) and the housemade slaw, which had slices of apple in it.

Patrick chose the three meat plate with the French fries and potato salad.

Two trays of food and beverage on table

The brisket was delightful, tender and oh-so-delicious. The sides were good compliments to my sandwich… and I kind of wanted to go back and get another one it was so tasty.

Patrick also enjoyed his meal, devouring the brisket, ribs, and the spicy sausage he was given, as well as his sides.

And then we splurged and split a brownie. Because that’s how we roll.

A piece of cake in white bowl on yellow tray

And before we left, we had to take a photo together. Because if you don’t take a photo together and post it on the internet, it didn’t happen.

A man in glasses and a brunette woman smile for the camera

All in all, our experience at Bartley’s B.B.Q. was a good one, and I cannot wait for the next time a friend flies through town and has a layover so I can take them here. Because while it’s a bit of a hike from my home, it’s certainly worth the drive.

Has the Internet led you to a wonderful meal like it did for us yesterday?

Have you eaten barbecue at Bartley’s?

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  1. Kind of drooling at that beef brisket! I am a sucker for good BBQ eats!! Every time I say that I want to cut down on red meat I am some how faced with a pulled pork or brisket sandwich that I cannot turn down, I crumble immediately…it’s like the heavenly meat gods are playing games with me!! And holy shit how do they have a brownie that looks THAT good.

    1. You and me both, girl. Since moving to Texas, I’ve become a major fan of brisket since that’s one of the meats Texans do well. (As opposed to my hometown favorite of anything pork!) Here’s to not being tempted by delicious BBQ this weekend and staying away from those decadent brownies. (And I have NO IDEA how they have a brownie that looks that good. It was also delightful to eat. Just FYI, haha.)

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