The 10 Best Baking Tools for Cookies

The secret to delicious cookies is having a great recipe… and the best baking tools to make ’em. Here are our top 10 favorite baking accessories (plus some extras!) to help bake scrumptious cookies every time.

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When I was a sophomore in college and still technically a fine arts student, I spent the last two weeks of school baking cookies for my friends while they prepared for and took their exams.

You see, I had turned in my final art projects, so I had all the time in the world. So I decided I would surprise them all with platters of homemade Tea Cake Cookies and Easy Sugar Cookie Icing as an early Christmas present.

One thing that was a challenge, though, was that I didn’t have the right baking tools to make the cookies, so it took longer than expected.

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      Why do I need these specific products to bake cookies?

      Listen, I’ve baked a lot of cookies in my day… and I cannot stress enough about having the proper tools to make them.

      Why? While these baking accessories and tools might be a bit of a splurge, if you’re seriously into cookies, they are helpful for baking cookies.

      For example…

      • The proper baking products help you mix your cookie dough consistently. (Also, mixing cookie dough with a whisk by hand is exhausting.)
      • The proper baking accessories help your cookies bake evenly.
      • The proper baking supplies help you decorate cookies at home with the kids (or your housemates!) or at a cookie decorating party.

      Also, depending on the type of cookie you’re baking, you may or may not need some of these tools.

      For example, if you’re making a drop cookie like a Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, you will need a cookie scoop. You won’t need a rolling pin or some other baking supplies.

      However, if you’re baking Raspberry Linzer Snowflake Cookies, you’ll need that rolling pin and cookie cutters. You will not need a cookie scoop.

      Some essential baking tools you might want/need include…

      • Baking sheets or sheet pans
      • Stand mixer
      • Parchment paper or silicone baking mat
      • Food processor
      • Cooling rack
      • Mixing bowls
      • Measuring cups and spoons

      Scroll on below to see my recommended brands and tools…

      A cookie scoop holds a no bake cookie on a baking sheet with others

      What are the best cookies to make with these baking accessories?

      Like I said above, every cookie recipe requires a different combination of tools to make ’em happen.

      That said, here are some of my family’s personal favorite cookies to bake:

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      Must Have Cookie Baking Tools

      The secret to delicious cookies is having a great recipe… and the best baking tools to make 'em. Here are our top 10 favorite baking accessories to help bake scrumptious cookies every time.

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      Bonus Cookie Baking Tools and Products

      Because sometimes, you need some extra things to make the best cookies. Right? Right.

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      1. I love my Kitchenaid Standmixer for all things baking… and I just picked up a food grinder and cookie attachment for it.
        I also got that exact cooling wrack at Target last week 🙂

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