Easy Entertaining Gameday Menu

Need some gameday hosting inspiration and help? We’ve got you covered with an easy and delicious menu, complete with savory dishes, sweet treats and drinks to serve to a crowd. Mix and match recipes depending on your personal tastes and those of your guests for a good time!

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Host a gameday party like a pro!

Entertaining can be stressful, but there’s something so fulfilling about it.

You can also host parties and gatherings like a pro with a few quick tips and tricks, like…

  1. Set the time and date for your gameday gathering, and invite your friends.
  2. Once you have a guest list and a decent idea of who’s going to attend, make your menu. Focus on serving foods that are easily made in advance so that you don’t have a ton of cooking that needs doing while your guests are arriving or at your house.
  3. Make your cooking timeline, too.
  4. Get your supplies, make the food and host like a pro!

I wrote an entire entertaining post about it, too, in case you’d like to read more about hosting a tailgate party at home.

It’s really that simple!

To help you out, I’ve compiled a fabulous gameday menu especially for you below.

Depending on your number of guests, you can mix and match these recipes to your tastes. Just be sure to have a variety (and also be aware of guests’ food sensitivities and allergies) to keep guests fed and happy throughout the game.

What do you normally keep on your menu for a gameday like this? Is it similar to mine?

Easy Entertaining Football Gameday Menu

Hosting friends to watch a football game? Here's an easy to execute menu that's great for sharing and perfect for mixing and matching, depending on your tastebuds (and those of your guests, too!)

Savory Gameday Dishes

Every sports-related party needs some SAVORY finger foods, as well as a dish that's a little heartier to feed to guests. Below are some of my favorite gameday appetizers, as well as gameday dinner options, too.

Sweet Gameday Dishes

Every gameday gathering needs dessert, too! Below are some of our favorite bar desserts (because they're easy to make in advance) and other sweet treats that guests will have a hard time turning down! The thing to keep in mind about gameday desserts is that they need to be handheld without being too messy. And all of these recipes fit the bill!

Gameday Drinks

Because every gameday gathering needs a drink or two for guests to sip as their teams play!

This menu for an easy Football Gameday Menu was originally published on February 1, 2013. The text and menu were updated on January 22, 2020.

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  1. That guacamole looks amazing! And those ooey gooey bars…yum!

    I’m making buffalo chicken dip for a friend’s Super Bowl party!

    1. Thanks, Holly! They’re both pretty delicious… but I might be a bit biased.

      And your buffalo chicken dip sounds good! How do you make it?

  2. We are hosting our annual Super Bowl party and we always have a food theme – this year its cooking/baking with alcohol/beer! I can’t wait to see all the food/recipes. And I may add your Bloody Beer to the list!

    1. I LOVE that y’all have a food theme for your Super Bowl party. LOVE. I cannot wait to hear how it goes… and if you try the Bloody Beer, let me know. It has become one of my favorite tailgating drinks because it’s super easy and tasty.

  3. Um I’ll have one of everything. Normally when I’m invited to a Superbowl party I make my Game Day Chicken Quesadilla’s. Buttermilk and beer marinated chicken, onions, peppers, olives, jalepenos, cumin, cinnamon, cilantro, cheese… Health food.

    1. Haha, that can totally be arranged. And your health food sounds EXACTLY LIKE my kind of health food. 😉

      Will you be making your Game Day Chicken Quesadillas on Sunday?

    1. I definitely recommend checking it out. I absolutely LOVE the onions in it! What kind of sushi did y’all have last night? That sounds delightful, too!

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