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October 10, 2013

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos

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Tailgate Thursday: Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos // The Speckled Palate

OK. So technically, this recipe could go one of two ways…

1. It gets made at home in advance, frozen, then reheated at the appropriate time. Since you probably won’t have a microwave or oven at your tailgate, chances are pretty slim that it would be warmed up there, but you could totally scarf this down on your way to the stadium.

2. It gets made at your tailgate using a single skillet on top of a cooktop  that attaches to the propane tank. Kind of like this one… because that’s definitely what our friend had to make all the delicious food at previous tailgates.

Today, we’re focusing on the whole make-as-you-go-and-enjoy path since it’s Tailgate Thursday.

Tailgate Thursday: Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos // The Speckled Palate

These breakfast tacos were inspired by that friend who was our cook the season we lived in Baton Rouge, and I sometimes have a hankering for a good breakfast taco now and then, especially since we live in Texas.

This is my spin on the traditional dish:

Tailgate Thursday: Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos // The Speckled Palate
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Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos

Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos are a quick and delicious make-ahead breakfast that's easy to enjoy on the go! Stuffed with gold potatoes, bacon, onions, sweet peppers and scrambled eggs, these breakfast tacos are a filling meal and a wonderful way to start your tailgating morning off right!
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 35 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
Servings 20 tacos
Author Erin Parker, The Speckled Palate


  • 1/2 lb . bacon
  • 2 1/2 cups gold potatoes , diced into 1/2" cubes
  • 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon homemade taco seasoning
  • 3 cups onions , sliced in strips
  • 1 1/2 cups sweet peppers , diced in strips
  • 2 cloves garlic , minced
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 12 eggs , beaten
  • 4 tablespoons milk (any kind OK)
  • 1 teaspoon homemade taco seasoning
  • 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese
  • 14 (corn or flour) tortillas


  1. Cook bacon in the oven (400°F for about 15 minutes) or on the cooktop.
  2. Heat the olive oil over medium-high heat, then add in the potatoes and taco seasoning. When the potatoes are soft, add in the onions, sweet peppers and garlic, cooking until soft. Remove from pan once cooked.
  3. In the same pan, pour in the additional EVOO and lower the heat to medium-low.
  4. In the bowl with the eggs, add the additional milk and homemade taco seasoning. Stir together.
  5. Add the egg mixture into the pan and slowly scramble the eggs.
  6. Now, it's time to make the tacos: Layer the ingredients into each warmed tortilla, top with a little sprinkling of cheese.
  7. Wrap the tacos in aluminum foil for freezing or consume immediately.


Tailgate Thursday: Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Tacos // The Speckled Palate

And if you’ve got any leftovers from your tailgate, just wrap ’em up, stick ’em in the cooler and once you get home from the game, pop them in the freezer, as seen above.

Not too shabby, huh?


  1. Joy @ Yesterfood

    Erin, these really do sound soooo good! I don’t tailgate much, but we go camping frequently…perfect for that, too! Thanks for sharing a great idea and recipe! 🙂

    Love, Joy

    • Erin

      Joy, I think these tacos would be awesome for camping, too! If y’all try them out, I’d love to know what you think!

  2. Kita

    This looks delicious we don’t camp but I love things that I can freeze and do a quick meal especially in the mornings.

    • Erin

      Quick morning meals are the best, Kita. And we are the same way… absolutely no camping for us, but since we love football, we find ourselves at various tailgate parties throughout the fall.

    • Erin

      You DO have a point there, Dawn. Bacon is pretty delightful…

  3. Krystal

    This is an amazing idea. I love that you can save them for later!

    • Erin

      Thanks, Krystal! They’re great reheated, too. We actually had a few for breakfast on Saturday this weekend.

  4. Aleshea

    Ohh Erin, you are speaking my language with these.

    • Erin

      Thanks, Aleshea! Let me know if you give these a shot. 🙂

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  7. Shelley Taddei

    What would you recommend for microwave options? Butcher paper? I’d like to make these for my husband’s breakfast to take to work in his lunchbox.

    • Erin

      Hi Shelley! We’ve simply removed the tacos from their aluminum foil packaging and heat on a plate in the microwave! Butcher paper would work, too, though I don’t know how well that would do in the freezer. If you give it a try, please let me know!

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