Dairy Free

If you eat a dairy free diet or are searching for solid dairy free recipes, this is the place to be.

Here, you’ll find dairy free dinners, as well as desserts, breakfasts and more.

Please know that while many of these recipes are dairy free using dairy free ingredients, many of them are also recipes that do not require dairy or any hard-to-handle swaps.

As I’ve said elsewhere, while The Speckled Palate is not a blog that focuses on creating dairy free dishes for all, I find it extremely important to offer recipes for people who eat all diets. Because as someone who loves to host her friends, I feel passionately about being able to make and serve these friends something good that they can eat.

Also, for a period in my life, I ate a mostly dairy free diet. My goal in feeding myself during that time wasn’t to find the best dairy free cheese or substitutes, but to make delicious recipes that didn’t need dairy in the first place.

Some of my most popular dairy free recipes include Slow Cooker Red Beans and RiceStrawberry Overnight Oats and Dairy Free Peach Cobbler.