Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Chutney

 Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Chutney is a creamy, gooey appetizer for any holiday celebration. Topped with a tart, spiced Cranberry Chutney before it bakes, this Puff Pastry Baked Brie is a decadent recipe that looks fancy but is actually quite simple to make! Enjoy the extra cranberry chutney served alongside your meal, too!

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A cranberry Baked Brie wrapped in puff pastry surrounded by crackers and apple slices on a white platter

Me and Brie… we’ve a long history full of misunderstandings.

I was under the impression this delectably creamy cheese was “stinky,” so I outright refused to even try it until I was a (super) senior in college. 

My roommate’s sister made a baked brie in puff pastry similar to this one one evening, and I was convinced to give the cheese a try.

Turns out, it was delicious.

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    Why I love this recipe:

    Baked Brie is one of those dishes that looks really impressive but could not be easier to make at home. After all, this is a classic appetizer for a reason, and I, for one, love how little effort it actually takes to make this satisfying recipe.

    When I was hosting Friendsgiving years back, I wanted to serve a homemade spicy Cranberry Chutney over a Puff Pastry Baked Brie. I was in the market for an elegant appetizer that was also simple to make.

    So I made it, and it was a smashing success. This is a fun holiday-centric twist on this crowd pleaser of an app.

    The creamy texture of the brie marries beautifully with the spiciness of the chutney. 

    The golden brown puff pastry adds a little crunch and buttery flavor, too!

    If you’re looking for a super simple but impressive-looking appetizer for the holiday season, let me implore you to give this a try! (And if you want a bite-sized version of this, check out Baked Brie Bites.)

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    Ingredients to make Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Chutney on a parchment-lined sheet pan

    What you need to make this recipe:

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    Let’s talk ingredients!

    In addition to the tools above, you’re going to need some ingredients to make this recipe, too! Chances are, you might already have some of them in your fridge or pantry. Scroll down to the recipe card for the full measurements and instructions.

    Here’s what you’ll need to make this simple recipe:

    • Puff Pastry — you’ll need one sheet of this. Most puff pastry packages come with two sheets, so defrost one to use here and save the other in the freezer for later.
    • Brie cheese — you can use your favorite brand! I used an 8 oz. brie wheel, and it was perfect.
    • Cranberry chutney — or your favorite cranberry sauce or a store-bought jarred kind.
    • Crackers for serving — whichever is your favorite. Water crackers are my go-to for recipes that call for melty soft cheese like this one.

    Variations on this recipe:

    Swap out the chutney for another sweet jam. Fig jam is a classic to pair with brie. You can use your favorite jam, though, if you prefer.

    Add some sweetness. Add a drizzle of honey or maple syrup on top of the brie right after it comes out of the oven.

    Serve with crusty bread and fresh fruit. Toast some baguette slices. Firm fruit, like apple slices or pears would be delicious to dip into this melty cheese, too.

    Add herbs. Fresh thyme and rosemary would play nicely with this savory cheese paired with sweet-spiced chutney!

    A white bowl of cranberry chutney with a spoon in it on a red countertop with a white towel

    How to make Baked Brie

    A note on the chutney before we begin:

    I made a Cranberry Chutney to pair with this recipe. You may make your own, too, or a homemade cranberry sauce. (Both Fresh Cranberry Sauce and Drunken Cranberry Sauce are excellent for this!)

    You could also use a jarred chutney or any jam of your choosing.

    I made this recipe for the winter holidays, but there’s nothing that says you can’t use strawberry jam, apricot jam, peach preserves or anything else to make this during other times of the year.

    How to make the Baked Brie in Puff Pastry

    Preheat the oven to 425°F. Line a rimmed cookie sheet with parchment paper. You can also do this in a small cast iron skillet or a baking dish.

    Remove the brie from its wooden container. Place the brie on top of the puff pastry on the baking sheet. Leave the rind on.

    Measure the cranberry chutney (or your jam of choice) on top of the rind.

    Bring the puff pastry sheet up to wrap around the wheel of brie as best you can.

    You can pinch and fold it or try to make it appear more neat. Keep in mind that the puff pastry will change shape as it bakes.

    Bake for 20 minutes, or until the puff pastry is golden brown and baked through.

    Let cool for 5-10 minutes, then serve the warm brie with crackers.

    Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Chutney is a creamy, gooey appetizer for any holiday celebration. Topped with a tart, spiced Cranberry Chutney before it bakes, this Puff Pastry Baked Brie is a decadent recipe that looks fancy but is actually quite simple to make! Enjoy the extra cranberry chutney served alongside your meal, too!

Baked Brie topped with cranberry chutney and wrapped in puff pastry sits on a parchment-lined sheet pan after baking

    Erin’s Easy Entertaining Tips

    Baked Brie is one of those recipes that looks so impressive but is actually incredibly simple to make and execute for any gathering. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to host with less stress.

    I highly recommend making this Cranberry Baked Brie for the winter months and then making a rendition of it for the summertime, too, with another jam recipe.

    Here’s how I’d make this easier on myself while entertaining:

    • Make the chutney early… or use store-bought chutney or jam! There’s no shame in this shortcut. You can also use leftover cranberry sauce.
    • Make two! If you’re feeding a ravenous crowd, consider making two rounds of brie instead of just one. Double the recipe and bake them on the same sheet pan.
    • Add it to a fancy charcuterie board. Let this be the centerpiece surrounded by other cheeses, crackers, nuts and the like.
    A hand lifts a slice of cranberry Baked Brie in puff pastry from a wheel of brie

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you take the rind off brie before baking?

    No! The rind on brie is totally safe to eat, and I do not recommend removing it.

    How long do you bake brie for?

    That’s going to depend on your oven. For this baked brie recipe, we bake it for 20 minutes or so.

    Can you wrap brie in puff pastry Ahead time?

    Yes, you can wrap the brie in puff pastry up to a day or two in advance. After you wrap the brie, transfer it to the refrigerator in an airtight food storage container.

    What jam goes with brie?

    Most jams go with brie! I used a cranberry chutney here (and suggest using cranberry sauce if you don’t want to make the chutney), but you could also serve brie with apple jam, blueberry jam, peach compote and more.

    What crackers go best with baked brie?

    Personally, I like a plain cracker, like a Water cracker, to pair with the buttery, creamy brie.

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    A hand holds a cracker slathered with Baked Brie and cranberry chutney

    Quick tips and tricks to the best Puff Pastry Baked Brie:

    • Swap out the flavors. If you’re not a fan of cranberries, use another chutney or jam from the store in place of it.
    • Make the chutney early. It keeps in the fridge for weeks, so make it when you’ve got time and chill it until it’s time to make this.
    • How to store leftovers: If for some reason you have leftover brie, let it cool completely before transferring to an airtight food storage container. Refrigerate for up to 3-4 days. Reheat in the oven to crisp the puff and also warm the cheese.

    More recipes with cranberry to try this season:

    A cranberry Baked Brie wrapped in puff pastry surrounded by crackers and apple slices on a white platter

    Baked Brie with Cranberry Chutney

    Erin Parker, The Speckled Palate
    Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Chutney is a creamy, gooey appetizer for any holiday celebration. Topped with a tart, spiced Cranberry Chutney before it bakes, this Puff Pastry Baked Brie is a decadent recipe that looks fancy but is actually quite simple to make! Enjoy the extra cranberry chutney served alongside your meal, too!
    5 from 41 votes
    Servings 12 servings
    Calories 175 kcal
    Prep Time 35 minutes
    Cook Time 20 minutes
    Total Time 55 minutes


    Cranberry Chutney

    • 16 oz. cranberries fresh or frozen
    • 2 Granny Smith Apples peeled and diced into ½” cubes (about 1 cup or 140g)
    • ½ cup dark brown sugar packed (110g)
    • ½ cup apple cider vinegar 125ml
    • 1 orange juiced (about ¼ cup)
    • ¼ cup honey 105g
    • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
    • 1 ½ teaspoons ground ginger
    • ½ teaspoon allspice
    • ½ teaspoon kosher salt

    Baked Brie

    • 1 sheet Puff Pastry at room temperature (½ package)
    • 8 oz. Brie cheese wheel
    • ½ cup cranberry chutney recipe above, or your favorite jam
    • 1 package crackers

    As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.


    Make the Cranberry Chutney

    • Add the cranberries, apples, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, orange juice and honey to a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir to combine.
    • Season the mixture with cinnamon, allspice, ginger and salt. Bring to a boil and cook, about 5-6 minutes.
    • Add the cranberries, apples, vinegar, cinnamon, allspice and ginger to the mix, bringing to a boil.
    • Lower the heat to a simmer, and cook until the cranberries have burst and the apples are soft, about 10-15 minutes.
    • Remove from the heat and transfer to a dish, spreading plastic wrap on the surface of the chutney so it does not form a film.
    • Refrigerate until your event, then remove from the refrigerator to use in the baked brie.

    Make the Baked Brie in Puff Pastry

    • Preheat the oven to 425°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    • Place the brie on top of the puff pastry on the baking sheet.
    • Measure the cranberry chutney on top of the brie, then bring the puff pastry sheet up to wrap around the brie as best you can. (You can pinch and fold it or try to make it appear more neat… either way works.)
    • Bake for 20 minutes, or until the puff pastry has browned and risen.
    • Let cool for 5-10 minutes, then serve with crackers.



    How to store the chutney: Store the cranberry chutney in an airtight food storage container in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. This can and should be made in advance.
    How to store the brie: Let cool completely, then transfer to an airtight food storage container. Keep in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Reheat in the oven to warm the cheese through, as well as crisp up the puff pastry.
    Acceptable swaps: Swap out your favorite chutney or jam in place of the cranberry chutney here to make this year-round. You may also use a thicker cranberry sauce in place of the homemade chutney, too.


    Serving: 1servingCalories: 175kcalCarbohydrates: 26gProtein: 5gFat: 6gSaturated Fat: 3gPolyunsaturated Fat: 3gCholesterol: 19mgSodium: 190mgFiber: 3gSugar: 19g
    Keyword appetizers, cheese, Christmas appetizer, Christmas recipe, easy appetizer, fall appetizer, Thanksgiving dessert, Thanksgiving recipe, Tthanksgiving appetizer
    Course Appetizers & Starters
    Cuisine American
    Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
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    1. I first tried brie in my dorm room, after my roommate moved out (woo) and I combined our two beds into one Super Bed. We had a “fancy” party on my Super Bed and ate freshmen in college budget-friendly brie. Let’s just say that was NOT the most delicious of cheeses, but I’ve since come back around. I’ve never had it wrapped in puff pastry, so I feel like I’m definitely not doing this right! I’m glad you found tasty cheeses your pregnant body can have!

    2. Wait wait wait. You baked brie INSIDE of bread dough? Genius. Absolutely genius. I will have to try this ASAP. Thank you for being a part of Blogsgiving, Erin!

    3. I have a crazy obsession with all chutneys – they are always SO darn good and go with pretty much anything. Add in ooey gooey melted cheese and I’m in heave! Thanks for joining in on the blogsgiving fun with us!!

    4. Okay, as much as I love the concept of a virtual Thanksgiving, I’m really wishing we could all be together in real life to enjoy all of these amazing recipes!

    5. I know a few people who would swoon with delight to find this on the t-day appetizer menu! Such a great mix of creamy, rich cheese and tart, tangy cranberries. 🙂

    6. Yum! I am crazy about baked brie! My mom makes a similar cranberry sauce but without the apples and orange juice. I am going to have to tell her to step up her game and add these delicious ingredients!

    7. Brie is a favorite of mine – this looks super delicious! My husband and I bought some brie in France one time, and it stunk up our whole apartment! My one and only experience with stinky brie;)

    8. That pic with the cheese oozing out of the crust up there ^ makes me want to make this dish rightthissecond. It sounds delish! Happy Blogsgiving!

    9. Erin, this baked brie and cranberry chutney sounds mouthwateringly delicious! And of course, anything with puff pastry becomes a masterpiece!! What a fun get together of bloggy progressive dinner! Love the links and will check them out! I’m loving this chutney recipe! Thanks so much Erin! (So glad its finally cooled off there in big D!)

    10. How did I miss this one? Brie is the king of cheeses in my opinion. Is it wrong to want this for breakfast? So glad you shared it at the Pretty Pintastic party, Erin.

      1. Brie is pretty fantastic, huh? I’m a major fan… and there’s nothing wrong with wanting it for breakfast! That sounds good to me!

        So happy you found this via the Pretty Pintastic party, Alli! Happy Wednesday!

    11. This was a big hit for Thanksgiving. My family couldn’t wait for me to get it on the table. They were eating it right out of the oven. The cranberry chutney was perfect and there was plenty leftover for Thanksgiving dinner.

      1. I love this so much, Stefani! I’m thrilled that this was a big hit for you and your family on Thanksgiving and hope that this is a recipe y’all can enjoy for years to come. Cheers to you! Thank you so much for your comment — it’s brightened my day.

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