Everyday Entertaining

You might be wondering, “What is everyday entertaining?”

Everyday entertaining is super casual entertaining. 

It’s the type of entertaining where you open up your home to friends, whether or not you’ve had time to clean up, and welcome them inside (or outside) anyway.

It’s a casual afternoon hang out or a snacks-turned-into-an-easy-happy-hour. It’s anything involving kids and parents gathering, whether it’s a meal, a gathering that revolves around play, a happy hour (with or without booze) and more.

Whatever you think it might be, the key is it’s laidback, comfortable and not stress-inducing. It’s meant to be chill. And you’re meant to have fun.

Some of our favorite casual entertaining gatherings involve brunch (and serving homemade pancakes, oven baked bacon, mimosas and more!). We also love to make a big ‘ol pot of food (think dishes made in a Dutch oven, like Dutch Oven Chicken and DumplingsShiner Bock Beer Chili, Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya and more) and sharing our meal with our friends.

It’s all about connection and connecting with your people over food. 

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