Outdoor Entertaining

Looking for the best outdoor entertaining ideas and recipes? This is the place to be!

Here, we’ve got all of our favorite warm-weather foods meant for sharing outdoor, especially during the summer months.

So, what IS outdoor entertaining? It’s whatever you want it to be… so long as you’re outdoors. (So it could easily be a backyard barbecue that’s hosted for a crowd. It could also be a casual hang with friends outdoors when the weather is pleasant that involves food.

Some of the kinds of recipes you’ll find here are grilling recipes, make-ahead side dishes, no bake desserts (and some beloved frozen desserts, too), dishes that can withstand heat and be easily transported from one place to another.

The one commonality is these are dishes that were meant to be cooked outside OR enjoyed in the great outdoors.

So no matter what your plan for your event is, you’re bound to find at least one solid recipe idea here.

(If you’re looking for recipes for a specific occasion, check out my Entertaining Index to help direct you to the right foods faster!)

Some of our most popular outdoor entertaining recipes include Dairy Free Peach CobblerSpicy Baked Beans with Bacon and No Mayo Potato Salad.

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