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Pickled Green Beans // The Speckled Palate

I’m kind of sad that Monday is here, and we’re (hopefully) getting back into the swing of the work week.

So while I’m ignoring my sadness for not living an eternal weekend, let’s discuss what happened Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday…

We ate pizza after I couldn’t get a craving out of my head. I spent a ton of time working on recipes and photographing food while my husband watched football Saturday and Sunday. We made Chicken Taquitos to devour during the LSU game. (We aren’t going to talk about that atrocity here because, well, it was painful to watch.) We took our pup on long walks. We enjoyed the fall weather that descended upon North Texas on Friday evening and Saturday, eating on the patio and researching our babymoon bundled in blankets, donning our flannel PJs and fuzzy moccasins while we sat outdoors. … OK, only one of us wore fuzzy moccasins. I’ll let y’all guess who.

So this past weekend? Absolutely lovely. (Minus the LSU game, of course.)

And to kick off this week, I’m over at My Cooking Spot this morning sharing my Pickled Green Bean recipe. It’s an integral piece in the post I’ve got for y’all on Friday. And no, I’m not giving a hint since it should become obvious when you read my post over there about what will be appearing here…

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    Happy Monday!

    How was your weekend?

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    Erin Parker is a Southern gal living in Texas with her husband and two daughters. She started The Speckled Palate to share what she was cooking as a newlywed… and over the years, it’s evolved to capture her love for hosting. Specifically, the EASIEST, lowest key entertaining because everyone deserves to see their people and connect over good food. Learn more about her

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    1. Oooh, I’m excited to see what’s coming Friday! And I feel ya.. I went to Bama so this weekend was um, a little disappointing, to say the least. Oh, and we’re Titans fans SO.. it was a depressing weekend!

      1. Yes! Friday’s post shall be awesome and a twist on a classic that’s a personal favorite of mine when I’m not pregnant…

        And seriously. This weekend was a kick in the teeth, huh? We lucked out that the Saints won in OT, or we’d have had the same sad football feelings on Sunday as we did on Saturday. However, at least your team showed up and played, even if it ended poorly and painfully… Our was on the field, but they couldn’t do anything.

    2. Oh gosh, what a weekend! Haha… I actually like days when the husband is entertained with sport/building a wall/other man-things when I can just roll my sleeves up, put on some awesome music and cook! Heaps of fun. Love the look of these pickled beans. I’m really into pickled and fermented things at the moment. Just a couple of pickled chillies, some kimchi or some of these beans would add so much to a meal. Gorgeous post as always Erin! And I’m looking forward to Friday… eep xxx

      1. It was quite a weekend! And I understand — there’s something soothing about those days where you have no obligations and can just tinker and cook and have fun in the kitchen!

        What all have you pickled and fermented? I don’t really do it often, but I love these pickled green beans.

        Thanks, lady! Friday will be here soon.

      1. If you’re a fan of pickled anything, these green beans will be perfect for you! If you try ’em, I’d love to know what you think!

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