Special Diet

If you have a special diet that you’re following and are looking for specific recipes that fit dietary needs, be they yours or someone else’s, this is where you need to be.

All gluten free recipes, as well as dairy free recipes fall under this special diet category.

While The Speckled Palate is not a blog dedicated to gluten free recipes or dairy free recipes, we do believe it’s important to have recipes we can make to share with friends whose diets are different than ours. (Which is why you’ll see we have a section about Vegetarian Dinners, too.)

Also, it should be noted that for a while, I was mostly dairy free, so the dairy free section is more extensive while the gluten free recipes are more naturally gluten free.

It should go without saying, but please read the labels of your ingredients as you make these recipes, as some brands may or may not fall under these classifications.

Happy cooking!