Blackberry Mint Spritzer

Cool down with a Blackberry Mint Spritzer! Made with simple, fresh ingredients, this will become a fast favorite. Muddle fresh blackberries with mint before pouring in simple syrup and topping with ginger ale. A favorite spring, summer and fall drink, this Blackberry Mint Spritzer is refreshing and flavorful!

Two Blackberry Mint Spritzer sitting on a marble counter, iced and ready for drinking

It’s Friiiiiiiiiiiday!

*jazz hands*

*awkward dancing*

*holds up this mocktail like Simba at the beginning of The Lion King*

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    Let’s celebrate by making ourselves a delicious mocktail that sings of the summertime. Because, well, it’s hot in North Texas, and it doesn’t really seem to be going away anytime soon. And because I won’t give into the pumpkin siren song until at least mid-September because pumpkin is all about fall… and it is most definitely not fall here.

    Overhead image of two Blackberry Mint Spritzers, sitting on a marble counter with fresh blackberries surrounding the drinks

    Also? Because this Blackberry Mint Spritzer would make an incredible tailgate drink!

    Why do I think this?

    Well… It’s refreshing, it’s easy to make and it’s non-alcoholic, which means it will keep you cool and collected in the heat of the day. And we all know that’s important, especially if you’re at an all-day tailgate event. Because you want to be around for the game, not passed out at the tent while your friends all make the trek into the stadium.

    Just sayin’.One Blackberry Mint Spritzer being held in hand before drinking

    Where do you stand on the pumpkin before fall debate?

    What’s your favorite tailgate drink?

    Blackberry Mint Spritzer in glass jars with handles


    I’m sharing my Blackberry Mint Spritzer over at My Cooking Spot today and would love if y’all joined me there!


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    1. Oh I juuuuust can’t WAIT to be kiiiiiiiiiing! I laughed so hard at your Lion King reference. Le sigh…what a classic movie. I’m just as thrilled as you are that it’s Friday and am loving these blackberry mint spritzers! I’ve got the mint…now all’s I need is some blackberries. SLURP!

      1. HA! I’m so glad you cracked up at The Lion King reference. I was reading a book that referenced it, and I woke my husband up because I was laughing so hard at someone lifting up a graded exam like that in celebration. 😉 Hooray for Fridays and Blackberry Mint Spritzers! You should get your hands on these ingredients and whip one up for yourself.

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