Rum Cocktails

January 21, 2019

Pomegranate Hot Buttered Rum

A woman holds a mug of Pomegranate Hot Buttered Rum with both hands
Curl up with a mug of Pomegranate Hot Buttered Rum this winter. Traditional Hot Buttered Rum is given a facelift with pomegranate, thanks to homemade pomegranate rum and pomegranate juice. This mixed drink starts with a combination of softened butter, dark brown sugar and spices, then add boiling water, infused rum, pomegranate juice and a little maple! Perfect for a crowd or individual, this Pomegranate Hot Buttered Rum is the ultimate cozy drink.

November 9, 2015

Cranberry Mule

Overhead image of three Cranberry Mules on a white serving platter
The Cranberry Mule is a fun take on the more traditional Moscow Mule. Perfect as a Thanksgiving cocktail, this drink calls for cranberry, ginger beer and spiced rum, then is topped with sugared cranberries as garnish.

March 22, 2013

The Cocktail Chronicles: Kingston

The Cocktail Chronicles: Kingston // The Speckled Palate
The Kingston, named after the Jamaican capital, features dark Jamaican rum, gin, lime juice and grenadine. This flavorful cocktail, which looks like it is fruity, sings of rum and gin, not the grenadine or lime, and should be sipped slowly.