Kentucky Derby

May 2, 2018

Monthly Meal Plan: 31 Recipes to Make in May 2018

Square collage for Monthly Meal Plan, featuring square images of 30 different recipes for Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby
Looking for recipes to make this May? Look no farther than this Monthly Meal Plan, which includes 31 recipes to make this month! Featuring recipes for Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby Day and Memorial Day, this monthly recipe list covers three celebrations and offers seasonal ideas to make monthly meals from them!

April 30, 2018

Mini Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pies

Mini Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pies, after baking, on a white platter.
Celebrate the Kentucky Derby this weekend in style with Mini Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pies! Bourbon, chocolate and pecans make for a delightfully sweet filling inside a cream cheese crust. Paired with bourbon, these mini desserts are the perfect Derby Day treat!

April 18, 2018

Blueberry Mint Juleps

Two Blueberry Mint Juleps sit together on a marble countertop before drinking
Celebrate Kentucky Derby Week by whipping up homemade Blueberry Mint Juleps, a twist on the Churchill Downs traditional cocktail! Mint leaves are muddled with sugar, then hot water is poured atop them. Blueberry puree is added next with lemon juice and bourbon. Add ice to the cocktail shaker, and shake the drink until it's chilled and delicious. Serve in a highball glass (or any other glass of your choosing) with a sprig of mint as garnish!

August 11, 2017

Peach Julep Popsicles

A lone Peach Julep Popsicle hangs out in a glass, surrounded by a halved peach and sprigs of mint
Step up your adult popsicle game this summer by making Peach Julep Popsicles! These bourbon-y, peachy, minty and oh-so-refreshing pops are what you'll want to enjoy on a hot summer day! Homemade mint simple syrup serves as the base, and that's blended with fresh (or frozen) peaches and bourbon. Freeze until solid, put in the popsicle sticks, then enjoy! If you're a fan of traditional juleps and enjoy a stiff drink, these popsicles are for you!

May 5, 2017

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Hand Pies

A Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Hand Pie is sliced in half and sits with two other hand pies on a white platter before serving
A twist on the classic Kentucky Derby fan-favorite pie, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Hand Pies make a delightful hand-held dessert for Derby Day... or any other! Wrap these hand pies in a homemade pie crust, made with butter and bourbon, and fill with bittersweet chocolate, pecan pieces and bourbon. Bake, then serve at room temperature. Easy to carry and enjoy on-the-go, Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Hand Pies are the perfect sweet for summer entertaining!