The Potluck: September 2021

Continuing the monthly tradition, The Speckled Palate’s The Potluck: September 2021 includes some puppy-related items, books and more. Come see my love list and tell me what was on yours for September.

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What a month September has been. 

On September 2, Lucy underwent surgery to remove her osteosarcoma, as well as her front right leg, and we’ve all been recovering ever since. Lu went from wobbly and unable to stand without a sling to being able to run across our house and yard like it’s no big deal in the span of a month. 

Seeing her recovery has been awe-inspiring and encouraging. (Let me also be clear: It was also incredibly hard for the first week or so. Lu was never crate trained and was on crate rest. She… did not like it, especially as she began to feel more like herself.)

It’s also sobering because we know that the osteosarcoma that pained her leg so much will probably be what takes her away from us in the end. (Yes, the cancer was cut out, but oftentimes, it still spreads.)

So we’re trying to make the most of our time, however long it might be. Lu is getting all the love, pats, encouragements. She’s been cleared to walk, so we’ve been taking short jaunts up and down our street, too. The girls love encouraging her as we walk and helping with this, which is sweet to walk.

We’ve also celebrated some birthdays, as well as got to see some family members, too.

Let’s discuss September Highlights:

September had some good things, even though the month started out on a fairly intense note with Lucy’s surgery.

Here are a few of our personal highlights:

  • School. Our little one’s school started, and she LOVES it. This child has spent the majority of her life being toted to and from her big sister’s school, so it makes sense why she’s so enthused. After all, she’s never gotten to attend school, go through carpool line and happily answer the question, “So how was your day at school today?”
  • Birthdays. We celebrated our little one this month, and we got to see friends and family for the celebrations, which was so lovely. On one of the hottest days of the year, we had a bounce house in our yard. Our girls had a blast bouncing with their closest friends, and so did we. We are so happy that our family members were able to join us. We also celebrated my birthday, too!
  • Lucy. As mentioned above, it has been incredible to see our 13-year-old gal go from four legs to three. (This sounds like a strange thing to say, but go with me.) At the initial onset, I wasn’t sure if we had made the right decision for her. Knowing what I know now, I can firmly say that we absolutely did. This dog is able to move, which is the most amazing thing. And she is so happy settling back into her usual routines, too.

Let’s talk September Action Items:

Here are a few things that are on my heart this month:

  • Texas. So many new bills went into effect this month, including a harshly prohibitive heartbeat law, a restrictive voting bill and more. I’ve talked about wanting to throw my support around politicians who share my values. The beginning of this month felt like a gut punch because I feel like our elected officials just keep making this more and more challenging. So. My plan is to donate and support local politicians, however I can.
  • Climate change. This month, we saw more destructive wild fires out in the west, as well as hurricanes and storms that are stronger than ever. It’s becoming more and more apparent the man-made climate change is negatively affecting us all. Personally, I hate how I, as an individual, feel compelled and stressed out by this even though my footprint is significantly smaller than, say, companies and governments. … I’m kind of at a loss of an action item for this, so holler if you have ideas because I’d like to be making a positive change, even if it is small.

What are your action items of the month?

Now Let’s Talk about this Monthly Love List…

To recap, my potluck, as defined by the folks at Merriam-Webster is:

the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made… a communal meal to which people bring food to share —usually used attributively ; whatever is offered and available in given circumstances or at a given time.

Now who’s ready to see what ended up on my list for September 2021?!?

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The Potluck: September 2021

Continuing the monthly tradition, The Speckled Palate’s The Potluck: September 2021 includes some puppy-related items, books and more. Come see my love list and tell me what was on yours for September.

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  1. Uff, yeah, it’s hard to know what we can do on an individual level when the problems seems so big. But I love that you’re supporting local politicians and I think my action items are also “donating” when and where I can and when it comes to climate change, I try to tell myself that even one single small change in my life makes a difference (because if everybody does that, we’re moving in the right direction!). We’ve been participating in “peak events” (time windows where our electricity provider asks us to cut electricity use to save money and resources, e.g. not running the AC or other large appliances during that time) and we’re trying to cut down on waste, water use, etc. It seems like not much, but I think everything helps.

    On a different note, I am so thrilled to hear that Lucy has been recovering so well and is adapting to her new life with three legs. Dogs are so resilient.
    Also happy birthday to her and your daughter! <3

    1. I’m so glad that it’s not just me struggling to figure out what to do. You’re so right, though, about supporting local politicians, making donations and also making single small changes because they DO add up. I need to remember that because the little things do help… especially if we’re all committed to doing little things.

      Thank you! I’m absolutely thrilled that Lu has recovered as well as she has and that she’s adapting to life as a tripawd. It’s been a journey, but we’re so happy she’s still here with us. Dogs are so resilient! Passing along your love to her, which she appreciates! <3

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