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October 4, 2012

Fitness Goals, Eating Well and a 10-Day Challenge Review

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Back in August, y’all might remember me writing about some fitness goals and 10-Day Shakeology Challenge with Independent Beach Body Coach Lindsey Catarino. I participated in Lindsey’s August Challenge, and it went swimmingly well. During that ten-day period, I came to some realizations about certain foods I have been putting into my body, as well as a realization that I need to make a major change when it comes to fitness in my life to accomplish my goals. Because let’s be honest… if I am going to run a marathon, I need to fine tune because I can’t just half-ass that.

During these ten days, not only do you receive daily encouragement e-mails from Lindsey, but you are part of a group of people striving toward the same goal: to make a change in their lifestyles by jump-starting themselves through the challenge. When I had read Doniree’s review of the program, I was intrigued, but I was unsure how it would work for me… but I signed up because I wanted something to push me more than I had been pushing myself.

And that push was definitely something I needed… even if it was a little more complicated since the challenge was the week before we moved to Texas, and I was crazy packing our house up and finishing all kinds of things in Louisiana.

So how did it go?

The challenge, itself, went well, even though I didn’t lose any weight. After speaking to Lindsey about this, we both came to the conclusion that the combination of the stress from packing for our big move added into this, even though I did lose an inch or two around.

I was amazed at the support and encouragement I received from the group’s Facebook page, and I was encouraged through the daily e-mails from Lindsey, as well as our conversations. This program isn’t one where you’re given the shake mixes and a custom meal plan and then asked do your own thing. Lindsey is a fantastic advocate, not only sending out inspirational e-mails daily, but also by giving you feedback and wanting to know how things are going, as well as wanting to problem solve and to find a workout that works for you and your schedule. She talks to you before sending out a meal plan, too, taking into account your likes and dislikes, as well as food allergies. (Which are a major wamp wamp for me, as bananas and pineapples are apparently wonderful in shakes… though there are plenty of other recipes that call for different fruits.)

Lindsey cares and genuinely wants everyone to succeed. I loved the e-mails exchanged during my challenge with Lindsey, not only talking fitness, but about our lives, dreams and aspirations, as well. Each day, we looked at the big picture for ourselves, fitness-wise. We delved into our whys, as well as mapped out long-term and short-term goals. And looking at my answers a little deeper was a positive thing for me, as I’d never taken the time to really dive into why I am working out or where I want to be in the next year.

Do I recommend this? Heck yes! If nothing else, to meet Lindsey and chat with her, as well as have someone who is excited for you to be starting/restarting/invigorating your fitness journey.

Where am I going from here?

Since August, we moved and have done some crazy things, finally just settling into our home now. I have started the Insanity workout, which I am really, really enjoying, and I plan on running three days a week then doing Insanity during the other three to prepare for a half marathon in February. I’ve also been enjoying Chocolate Shakeology Shakes every morning as my breakfast, which I’ve found are really fantastic with frozen strawberries and spinach. (Hooray, fruits and vegetables in my breakfast!)

And I am currently a member of a 90-day challenge group with Lindsey, working on fine-tuning my goals and routines to get to where I want to be so that sometime next fall, I can complete my first marathon. Because I have realized group encouragement and support is the extra push I’ve been missing.

How can you get in on this goodness?

Interested in doing something similar? Lindsey is offering 50% off her next round of challenges to folks who are willing to blog about their experience! You can email her for more information, as the next open challenge starts October 9. She will also have spots open during future challenges this fall and winter!

Disclosure: The shake mixes and 10 days of coaching and support were provided by Lindsey. All opinions are my own.

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